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city sway movie poster
Alienated Barber - City Sway
City Sway Filming

Written, directed and starring Primus, City Sway premiered on Sept. 15th as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2023 where it won the Fan-favorite Award in the "Film" category. 


Led by a cast of young black & queer women, this short film showcases the modern mindset and issues of a younger generation within the city; it also celebrates Primus’s Trinidadian roots. 

The film has been featured in the Bicycle Shorts Film Festival, Film Collective Short Film Festival and Lift-off Global Network's Hollywood First-Time Filmmakers Showcase.

Film Synopsis:


Imani and her friends Prez and Doni are young black queer women who are struggling to make ends meet. When they decide to embark on a business venture with a local drug dealer, the situation proves to be an troubling experience for the trio


Cast: Nia Primus, Jessa Jordan, Korin 'Skoop' Pridgeon, Tina Kortland, Adrian Espinal, and more

city sway premiere
city sway premiere
City Sway Premiere
city sway premiere - chill room team
city sway premiere
city sway premiere
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